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Welcome to Chelsea Memorabilia, a great place for you to find that special or missing Chelsea football programme / ticket for your collection. Whether you've been a collector for years or just starting out, we're sure we'll have something of interest for all gooners out there..

This website is not run by a professional dealer, I am primarily a collector.  I have been collecting their match programmes and tickets since the late 1970's. The marketplace has certainly changed dramatically since then!

I set this website up primarily to list my duplicates and excess items for sale to fund further areas of collecting I want to make or complete in my own personal collection. 

Unlike most websites, where you just get a long list of programmes without knowing condition of it, I have add scans of the actual programmes and tickets on offer, rather than using stock photos - so you can see close up the detail of the actual item you will receive when you purchase.

All our items are original unless clearly detailed as reproductions. If no mention of reproduction, then you can be assured the item is genuine and original.


We have NO MINIMUM ORDER, but if you order over £100 worth, then we will send the goods free of postage charges (UK only), so instead of paying for postage, you can get a few more goodies in your order! For orders under £100, I simply cover the cost of the postage to send the order to you - I don't profit from postage charges. The cost will be automatically calculated from the weight of the goods ordered and you can check the cost at any time with our Shipping Estimator. This will also give differing postage options available for you.

I can accept payment by Direct Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card/Paypal - you will be supplied full payment details at checkout.

I hope you find something of interest in my little Chelsea store - please use the category menu or search facility to browse our selection and find the items you are after. Please also check out our Featured Items and Special Offers, which we change on a regular basis.

Stamford Bridge

As our stocks run into many hundreds, it may not all be listed on the website. Therefore, I would very much welcome your wants list. I will then check them off and let you know. 

I am still in process of enhancing website, so keep us bookmarked - Check out the Chelsea Videos 
section for some memorable Chelsea moments!


This website is a fan/memorabilia website and is in no way officially affiliated to Chelsea Football Club.



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Chelsea Stuff

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